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Magic is Everywhere 2014! Can't you feel it?

Magic Is Everywhere on ROSE Online!

Magic is in the air, in the water, you can feel it everywhere! Can’t you feel it? The monsters of ROSE Online have been holding secret boxes filled with magic and friendship. They have been tasked to move the boxes from one stash to another and now is your time to strike against them! Bring any monster down from Junon to Orlo and you might have a chance to snatch yourself the mysterious box.

Inside the boxes are detailed to be rare items that used to be worn by ancient warriors (that were very friendly). There were 6 unique warriors that all had a different style to them. Every box will enable you a slim chance to get those great items! If you have a gold key (which you can purchase at the IM), you’ll have a 100% chance to nab that costume item (head or tail). With the silver key, you'll have a chance to grab one of the costume pieces.

If you don’t like what you got, feel free to take your costume piece to [Event Info] Judy in Zant. She’s been hoarding all the pieces she can get her hands on, and she will even exchange your unwanted item for a coupon. If you bring her 2 coupons, she will give you a costume piece from her personal collection. If you bring her 5 coupons, you can even choose between a headpiece or back item!

Magic is everywhere this Summer and so let's end it grabbing yourself some unique items! This adventurer starts on August 14th and ends September 1st, 2014! Don’t miss out on all the magic!
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