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Valentines Day Event 2017

Hello Roserians!

Valentines Day is here, but Qpid is nowhere to be found! If you are level 120 or higher, save this holiday of chocolate and hearts by finding where Qpid crash landed in Adventure Plains, getting his list and delivering love to Junon, Luna and Eldeon! As a rewards, those who complete this event will receive Qpids own bow! Find the Magic Heart Candies that monsters are carrying around, and if you can get enough of them, you can use their magic to complete Qpids mission!

Not level 120 yet? You can still exchange any magic candies you find to Qpid for fun and useful event items! Don't forget, these Magic Heart Candies will go bad after 2 week and will be removed after the event so you don't get sick, so make sure to spend all your candy before the event ends!

In for a greater challenge? Qpid's arch rival and nemesis, the terrible Pinkheart Pork Fiend is scouring the deserts of Orlo! This monstrous flying pig is powerful, but if you are able to defeat him he may drop his hammer or even a rare mini Qpid pet summon skill book! He returns to battle every 20 minutes, and can often be found chilling in the desert Oasis!

Want to dress up for the occasion? Don't forget to stop by the Item Mall under Specials > Events and see all the Valentines Day treats there as well! For a special reward, our Premium box will be transforming for this event into the Valentines Day Premium Box, will the possibility of dropping a special Heart Shield!

This even will only be here from 02/10/2017 - 02/25/2017, so don't miss out on all the fun while its here this year!
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