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2018 Summer Games: Round 1 [Updated]

Are you ready Roserians?! The first round of the 2018 Summer Games will soon be here! The 1st round matches will be taking place on Friday August 10th at 1:00 PM PDT! 

Teams please make sure to log in and check in with [CM] AndraSyte 10 minutes before the first match begins. All members must be present and checked in at the announced location by 12:50 PM PDT on Friday August 10th and be prepared to be summoned to the tournament map once their match is ready to begin. [CM] AndraSyte will be available for check ins beginning at 12:15 PM PDT on Friday August 10th in front of Junon Polis

Round 1 Matches:


Match 1:


  AceofSpades vs OrganizationXIII


Match 2:


  Vanguard vs Aura


Match 3: 


  Garuda vs Majestic


Don't forget to tune in Friday August 10th as we will be streaming all the matches on WarpPortal's YouTube and TwitchChannels! 

Edit: Times have been updated!

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