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Winter Festival 2019


Get ready for the Winter Festival on ROSE Online!

Join in all the fun at the Snow Valley on planet Luna!

Every year, when the snow grows heavy and Roserians feel the chill, the citizens of Eucar come out to host wonderfully fun winter games to get warmed up to! This is known as the Winter Festival which is held in Snow Valley on the cold magic planet of Luna. Talk to [Event Info] Judy in the Canyon City of Zant to get warped to Luna and start enjoying the winter games immediately!

Participate in mini-games such as the Penguin Races, Winter RPS, Snowplowing for Treasures, Snowmobiles Races, the Snow Valley Biathlon, and much more! Earn Festival Tickets to trade for Fabulous Prizes such as Winter games Costumes, Offhand Accessories, or best yet... a cool Snowmobile to zip around the snow in!

Don't miss out on all the excitement Winter has to offer as we all hit the slopes for festivities in Snow Valley! Join us January 7?January 28 at the ROSE Online Winter Festival! Bundle up and get out here with us!

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