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Sikuku Catacombs Discovered!
Sikuku Catacombs update Launch

Much exploration of the Sikuku ruins and Prisons have finally yielded a new clue to stopping Turak's evil plans for Eldeon. Visitors the worlds over have been called to brave the dangers of the Sikuku Catacombs! Launching in March 2015, join the adventure from the Game Arena.

- Discovered Lore -

Deep below the Sikuku Underground Prison, houses a vast, sprawling labyrinth of prison chambers and sewers, aptly named the Sikuku Catacombs by surviving Sikuku tribesmen of the jungle planet Eldeon.

With the strong prevalence of dark magics within the Underground Prison, entering the Catacombs and surviving to the tell the tale has proved an impossible task, until now. With the invaluable aid provided by the Visitors, persistence of the Raknu tribe, and insight into the Underground Prison's inner workings by inquisitive archeologists, it has become possible for the first time to venture deeper than ever before into the darkest areas of the Sikuku's underground operations.

Once again, the Visitors have been called upon to aid in facing the horrors lurking below the deepest, darkest depths that make up the Sikuku Catacombs.

Journey through the Game Arena to get a magic warp to the Sikuku Catacombs and talk to Archeologist Digby to begin your mission!

- Uncovered Areas -

The Execution Chambers where prisoners go to be corrupted, or eliminated is the private playroom of the Ex-Warchief and present Executioner Ul'Gath! Overseeing Turak's nefarious plans for Eldeon, Dark Shaman Ranka meditates and waits in the Arborium.. Beneath it all is the dank Dark Sewers slowly circling down the drain, a blob named Gloopy resides.
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- Update Features -

New Dungeon to explore with new Bosses to battle. Enhanced boss fight behavior to challenge not only your might, but your timing and group coordination!

  • Gloopy is circling in the Drain Room
  • Executor Ul'Gath arguing with himself in the Execution Chamber
  • Dark Shaman Ranka meditating in the Arborium
  • New traps to avoid, be on alert; for more than just your HP is at risk!
  • New Quests event types
  • Hunts

- Combat System Changes -

  • Defense Scaling update- More even scaling and evening out so all classes benefit equally from same defensive value.
  • Combat calculation update to enhance PVP and PVM
  • Many new Skills and specific skill updates (See patch notes for specifics)
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